Important Info

Important Information About your Valley of Fire Wedding and/or Photo Shoot

Deposit/Payment, Wedding/Photo Shoot Checklist, Your Wedding Ceremony, Photography, Photo Delivery Options, Gratuities, Transportation, Floral, Hair/Make-Up, Terms and Conditions, and Miscellaneous information.

Required Deposit and Payment Options

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of your total Las Vegas wedding or photography package price is required to reserve your date and time for or your wedding and/or photography session.  The remaining balance is due two weeks before your wedding and/or photography date.  You also have the option to make payments or pay in full at time of reservation.  You may also add and pay for additional options (such as transportation and flowers) up until 2 weeks prior to your wedding or photoshoot.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal check (US funds only), or money order (US funds only).

If paying by personal check or money order, we can hold your date and time for 3 business days.  We must receive the final payment 3 weeks prior to your wedding/photoshoot date.

A 5% processing fee is added to all reservations.

Valley of Fire Wedding/Photo Shoot Checklist

Call us when you get into town at 1-702-515-1100 or email us at [email protected].

Let us know you’re here, what hotel you are staying at, and whose name the room is under.  (This way we can get a hold of you if cell phones do not work).

At the Las Vegas Marriage license Bureau, you need $77 cash or $80 for credit card transactions.  Each of you must have a valid picture ID.  The link to complete the Marriage License Pre-Application is in your wedding reservation confirmation letter.

Please be sure to bring your marriage license (that you receive from the Marriage License Bureau) to your scheduled wedding ceremony. We strongly suggest that you bring the ENTIRE packet that you receive at your wedding.

(If you forget your marriage license or it is incorrect and you need to meet back up with one of our ministers to legalize your wedding, you will be charged an additional $150.00)

Marriage License Bureau, 201 Clark Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89115 Phone: 702-671-0600

The Marriage License Bureau is open 7 days a week from 8 am till 12 am-midnight. You do not need a marriage license for a vow renewal or commitment ceremony.

Your Valley of Fire Wedding Ceremony

You have a choice of a civil (non-religious) or a religious wedding ceremony. Your Las Vegas Wedding Officiant is also more than happy to have you incorporate your own vows into your ceremony.

We also offer expedited processing of your recorded marriage certificate plus apostille (required by certain countries) for $150.  We will have your marriage certificate and apostille to you in about 4-6 weeks.

Any of our wedding packages can be done as a vow renewal or commitment ceremony.


If you do not like the style of photography that you see on our website, then please do not book a wedding or photography session with us.  You will receive photos of yourselves in a variety of poses, such as those shown on our website.  If there is a must-have pose for you, then please speak up and let your photographer know what you would like.

We are professional Las Vegas photographers and can take great photos for you, but we are not miracle workers.  If, for example, you want fun and spontaneous photos and you are not fun and spontaneous, then it is going to be impossible to get those shots.

We are more than happy to work with you to get you what you want, but we need specific input from you if you want photos other than you see on our website.  We enjoy trying new things with couples, but you need to let us know what you want.

We are also busy making sure that we have proper exposures, proper lighting, good poses, and that you have nice expressions.  Again, we are not miracle workers and are not responsible for your hair/make-up, wardrobe, etc… It is your responsibility to make sure you like the way you look.

You will receive all of your photos on a USB drive, as shot.  You own ALL photo rights to your photos.  You also have the option (upon making your reservation) of requesting RAW format (in addition to .jpeg files) for an additional charge of $100.00.

You will receive at least the minimum number of photos as stated with your particular wedding and/or photography package unless you are late, uncooperative, wearing shoes that you cannot walk in, posing for your family/friends while they take iPhone photos, or otherwise wasting time when your photographer could be taking your professional shots.

If you do not book with us, we urge you to find out exactly who your wedding photographer will be.  Unfortunately, most wedding companies in Las Vegas do not use true professionals (they may call them that, but that doesn’t really mean anything).  You need to preview your wedding photographer’s portfolio (you should expect to see at least 15-20 photos by the person who is going to photograph your most important day).  Remember, the photos are how you will remember your special day, so you want to have the best wedding photos possible.

Photo Delivery Options

Delivery Options for your USB drive with your photos and/or video.

FREE US MAIL (US mailing addresses only): MAILED OUT IN 10-15 BUSINESS DAYS via standard US Mail.

$25 US PRIORITY MAIL (US mailing addresses only): MAILED OUT IN 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS via priority mail.


$50 RUSH: HAND DELIVERED to your hotel before you leave Las Vegas if you are in town for more than 48 HOURS after the end of your wedding/photography session.

$100 RUSH:  HAND DELIVERED to your hotel before you leave Las Vegas if you are in town for at least 24 hours but less than 48 hours after the end of your wedding/photography session.


All staff is paid but it is still customary to tip your minister and photographer if you enjoy their services, but they will never ask you for one. If it is given, we ask you to give from your heart.  Suggested amounts are $50.00 and up per person.  If we have arranged your transpiration for you, the driver gratuity (20%) is already included.

Miscellaneous Information

You may want to either wear a pair of shoes that you can easily walk in or bring a change of shoes for weddings/photo sessions at Valley of Fire.  You may also want to let your guests know that this is a good idea.

Transportation Services

We can book any of the following vehicles for your wedding and/or photoshoot, but you are more than welcome to drive yourselves or book your own transportation.  We will tell you the minimum time that you will need to book for your package(s).  You are also more than welcome to book any additional time that you may want to add.

  • 8 passenger Limo – $100.00 per hour
  • 12 passenger Limo Coach – $150.00 per hour

Bridal Bouquets and Boutonnieres

We can order and deliver to your hotel the following.  You are more than welcome to bring your own flowers (or not do flowers) if you prefer.  If you would like a referral to our preferred florist for a custom bouquet, please let us know.

  • Bridal Bouquet and Groom Boutonniere – $120.00 (includes delivery to your Las Vegas Strip hotel)
  • 12-rose bridal bouquet plus a matching single rose boutonniere.  Color choices are red, white, pink, and yellow.

Professional Hair/Make-up

We can help you with all of your hair/make-up needs.  Please request hair/make-up referral when you make your wedding reservation and we will have our preferred hair/make-up artist contact you. Your make-up artist and hairstylist will come to your hotel room.  They are the only service in Las Vegas that offers a 15-hour, water, and transfer-resistant GUARANTEE.  Their goal is to make you look like you, only on your most beautiful day!

Scenic Las Vegas Weddings Terms and Conditions

1. Contract and Payment Terms

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of your total package price is required to reserve your date and time for or your wedding and/or photography session. The remaining balance is due and will be charged to your account approximately two weeks before your wedding and/or photography date. You also have the option to make payments or pay in full at time of reservation.

2. Cancellation Policy

If you have paid your reservation in full at the time of reservation, we will refund all but the 50% deposit with at least 2 weeks' notice for a legitimate reason for cancellation. However, no-shows (less than 2 weeks notice will be considered a no-show), no calls will be charged the whole amount and no refunds will be given. We understand that flights get canceled, people get sick, etc…  We are always happy to help make your trying time a little easier so if you think you won’t make it, please call so we can find a good time to set your new wedding date or time.

Exceptions: permits and helicopters are all non-refundable deposits and are non-transferable. There is a $100 fee for each and every change to your wedding date and/or time.

We do not cancel weddings and/or photography sessions for weather-related events. We do not allow cancellation or rescheduling for weather-related events. No refunds or partial refunds are given for weather-related events.

We reserve the right to cancel any wedding and/or photography session at any time for any reason. We will issue a refund for services NOT received if this is the case. Our Wedding Officiants also reserve the right to refuse to marry anyone for any reason, such as, but not limited to inebriation, rudeness, etc.

3. Marriage License Requirements

You must bring your marriage license paperwork with you to your ceremony. If you do not have all 3 required pages, your Wedding Officiant will be unable to marry you. If you want the Officiant to meet you later when you have your required paperwork, there will be a $150 fee.

4. Late Arrival/Additional time required

Bride and Groom: If you are more than 15 minutes late, your wedding ceremony and/or photography session will be cut short.

Guests: If your guests arrive late, we will not “hold” a ceremony from starting.

You will automatically be charged for any additional time that you may need to complete your wedding and/or photos if you are late at $50 per 15 minutes (if it is even an option at your ceremony site or with your photographer’s schedule).

5. Guest Photos/Filming

GUEST PHOTOS: We understand photography is an important part of your wedding day! In order to capture those special memories, it is our pleasure to offer only professionally trained photographers to be with you on your special day. In order for our photographer to take the best photos possible, we do not allow any outside professional photographers.

We allow guests to take as many photos as they like during the ceremony as long as they stay in one spot.  When our photographer is finished taking all of your wedding photos, you and your guests may take as many additional photos as you like.

GUESTS FILMING: Guests are only allowed to record your ceremony if you have pre-purchased a video recording of your wedding or if you have paid the $30 guest filming fee. If you have not paid for either option and a guest films, you will automatically be charged a $50.00 fee. Either way, guests using their own video cameras must stay seated or remain in one place during the ceremony.

6.  LITTERING AND/OR DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY:  If you or any of your guests' litter, vandalize, or deface any of our wedding or photoshoot locations in any way, you will be charged a MINIMUM of a $250 fine plus the cost of clean-up.  Scenic Las Vegas Weddings and/or the venue may also choose to pursue legal action against you and/or your guests.

Important Information About your Valley of Fire Wedding and/or Photo Shoot