Valley of Fire Weddings




Come celebrate your wedding and exchange your vows in one of the most scenic outdoor areas in all of Las Vegas. With its unique rock formations and strikingly beautiful desert scenery, Valley of Fire is one of the premier Las Vegas outdoor wedding venues.

It's a great place for stunning photos, engagements, anniversaries, family, and senior portraits. Check out our photo gallery to see the great variety of photos that we can take for your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply for a permit to get married in the Valley of Fire?

As long as you book your wedding/tour through us, you are not required to get a permit. We have a special permit that allows us to perform weddings in the Valley of Fire and take pictures.

Where is Valley of Fire located?

Valley of Fire is located approximately a one-hour drive from the Las Vegas Strip. Our air-conditioned limo will shuttle you and your wedding party to and from the Valley of Fire.

Why is it named "Valley of Fire"?

The park gets its name from the brightly red-colored Aztec sandstone formations. They were formed from shifting sand dunes over 150 million years ago. When the sun hits them just right, the rocks light up--as if there were on fire.

Why is the Valley of Fire so popular to get married?

The unique red sandstone formations, coupled with the strikingly beautiful desert scenery, make the Valley of Fire one of the top outdoor wedding destinations of Las Vegas. Your wedding ceremony will be stunningly beautiful, and so will the pictures that we take.